Our Story

Where it all began...

You know that one kid in the group that always had a camera growing up? That captured all the memories together but rarely made it into The pictures? 

All those moments you’d never remember without that image frozen in time?

Well that was this kid.

Even back before digital photography and cell phones existed. When taking pictures involved buying rolls of film, winding them up and sending them out to develop.

Capturing moments in time took intention and took heart.

Documenting life, to leave a clear footprint of your story, was always so intriguing to me, and became something I took pretty seriously.

To prioritize allowance money for film, over candy and cap guns, put meaning behind which moments were important enough to capture. 

Showing and sharing Kindness, Thought, Compassion, Love and Care are the greatest gifts you can give.

Creating the things to do that with, is our Mission.

Our company, In Living Colour inc

 Came together after years of dreams, hobbies, and interests, finally found the time, and place to become a reality.

“A dream is just a dream… A Goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

– Harvey Mackay

follow us on our mission to share Moments, and create forever Memories…

Hope to see you all soon!

Kindest regards- Melissa Wall